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Speedplay cleats for Zero, Ultra Light Action and X Series pedals are being updated to our new Speedplay V.2 Cleat. The new Speedplay V.2 Cleat is a running change to current Zero, Ultra Light Action, and X Cleats. The new V.2 Cleat will function with existing Zero, Ultra Light Action or X Series pedals. The updated V.2 Cleats improve compatibility with the sole curvature of current road shoes.

How do you know if you purchased Speedplay Zero, Ultra Light Action or X Cleat Sets or Pedal Systems with new V.2 Cleats?

  1. Packaging - The header card of Speedplay Zero, Ultra Light Action and X Cleat Sets and the top of the Pedal System boxes have a small yellow, oval sticker on the packaging as follows:

  2. Cleat Parts - You can identify your cleats as new V.2 Cleats by the Base Plate and the Snap Shims.

  • Black Base Plate - The V.2 Cleat Base plate for Zero, Ultra Light Action and X pedals, which is used to mount Speedplay cleats to 3-hole road shoes, is stamped with “V-2” on the flat side of all V.2 Base Plates.

  • Snap-Shims - All V.2 Snap-Shims are a new color blue and named 5-F/5-R, 6-F/6-R, and Extra.

  • Cleat Fastening Screws - Eight (8) new V.2 Cleat fastening screws that are visually distinct from pre-V.2 cleat fastening screws. The V.2 Cleat fastening screws are not continuously threaded up to the head of the screw. Instead, the threads of the screw stop mid-way up the screw shaft and then have a small, unthreaded section of the shaft continuing to the screw head:

VERY IMPORTANT! - All Speedplay V.2 Cleats must be used with all of the new V.2 Cleat hardware supplied with the V.2 Cleat Sets and Zero, Ultra Light Action, and X Pedal Systems identified as containing new V.2 Cleats.

WARNING! Previous Speedplay Cleat fastening screws are NOT compatible with the new V.2 Cleats and should not be used with V.2 Cleats.

While V.2 Cleat fastening screws are required for V.2 Cleats, the new V.2 Cleat fastening screws can be used with all pre-V.2 cleats and base plates.

When installing Speedplay V.2 Cleats be sure to read and follow the instructions enclosed with the product or located on our website here. If you have any questions about cleat installation or the change to the new Speedplay V.2 Cleat, please be sure to contact Speedplay Technical Support for assistance at 1-800-468-6694 or 001-858-453-4707.

Special Note regarding the Speedplay Cleat Extender Base Plate Kit, Part #13330

Speedplay V.2 Cleat mounting (6) and fastening (8) hardware is NOT compatible with the Cleat Extender Base Plate Kit. You must use the mounting (6) and the fastening (8) hardware included in the Cleat Extender Base Plate Kit. If you do not have a complete set of mounting (6) and fastening (8) hardware for your Cleat Extender Base Plate Kit.




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