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There can be a big difference between a pedal's external dimensions and its true platform size - the contact area between the shoe and cleat, where your foot actually applies power.

With the patented design of Speedplay's Light Action, Zero and X pedals, the cleat provides a pedaling platform contact area that's at least 25% larger than other brands.

And that's not all. While other pedal companies seem content to make cosmetic updates to what is essentially a 17 year old design, Speedplay has literally turned pedal technology upside down with its revolutionary inverted design. Conventional single sided pedals are simply no match for Speedplay. Without any compromises, Speedplay has raised the bar on pedal performance with dual-sided entry, lighter weight, a lower stack height, better cornering clearance, a slim aerodynamic profile and a choice of fixed position or non-centering float.

It all adds up to the same comfortable, stable and connected feel as conventional clipless pedals, plus a whole lot more.

By using SolidWorks CAD Software, we selected just the top surface of the cleat that comes in contact with the shoe. SolidWorks software then calculates the surface area in square millimeters.

Click below to see SolidWorks CAD rendering with calculation of each cleat:


Speedplay    2849.2 MM²  
Shimano      2106.0 MM²  
Look Keo      1708.5 MM²  

But what about cleat-to-pedal contact?

Platforms viewed from rear showing Speedplay's
better cornering clearance.

*Cleat contact area calculated using SolidWorks CAD software. Shimano and Look are registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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