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The Speedplay X Pedal Series

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The X Series Pedal System is for you if you are a:

  • Rider who prefers a maximum float range
  • Die-hard X pedal user
  • Competitive cyclist
  • Also see the Light Action Pedal System, which uses Speedplay's latest technology


  • Chrome-Moly - 55mm
  • Stainless - 53mm
  • Titanium - 50mm

Need Custom Length Spindles?
X Series Stainless pedals are available by special order from Speedplay dealers in the following spindle lengths:
50mm, 56mm, 59mm & 65mm

For more information on fit components, please view Speedplay Ultimate Fit Technical Videos.

Ultralight... And So Much More!

The Speedplay X Series' innovative design and unrestricted float changed the shape of clipless pedals and continues to prove that user-friendliness, comfort, and improved performance are all attainable in a simple, lightweight package. The unique shape of X pedals provides knee-saving lateral rotation, without the self-centering action inherent in most pedals - your knees don't have to work against spring tension. The compact, low-profile shape of X pedals positions your foot closer to the spindle for optimal power transmission and unmatched cornering clearance. And their dual-sided design ensures easy entry and exit. X Series Pedals were Speedplay's first double-sided design and earned a prestigious Designers Choice Award from ID Magazine, the premier publication in the field of industrial design.

Learn about the new V.2 Cleat.

Learn about 4-hole and Speedplay-Specific Carbon Sole Shoes.

Key features:

  • Easy dual-sided entry: no kicking it over, no looking down, no fumbling.
  • Half the weight of most other clipless systems:
    • X/5 Chrome-Moly pedals per pair - 220g
    • X/2 Stainless pedals per pair - 198g
    • X/1 Titanium pedals per pair - 150g
    • X cleats per pair - 62g/110g*
  • Non-centering free float minimizes the potential for knee strain.
  • Unbeatable cornering clearance: X/1 - 39 degrees; X/2 - 37 degrees; X/5 - 35 degrees.
  • Large contact area, extremely stable cleat-to-shoe connection.
  • Compatible with virtually all 3-hole and 4-hole shoe mountings.
  • Standard step-in, turn-out entry and release.
  • Built-in grease port for easy bearing lubrication.
  • True locking mechanism - engagement security is independent of spring tension.
  • X/5 features needle and cartridge bearings for improved durability and easier servicing.
  • X/5 incorporates an earlier release angle than the race-oriented X/1 and X/2. The X/5 needs only a slight heel twist to exit, so you'll have no worries about getting out when you need to.

    MSRP:  X/2 Stainless $185
      X/1 Titanium $330
      X/5 Chrome-Moly $115

* Cleat weights for 4-hole/3-hole mounting.

Note: X-Series pedals are not compatible with Speedplay Light Action and Zero cleats.
X-Series cleats are not compatible with Light Action and Zero pedals.

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